Fixed Dimensions

Images with fixed dimensions
  1. Kobayashi Shihan

    At B.A.F Summer school
  2. Kanetsuka Shihan

    At B.A.F Summer school
  3. Holland Shihan and Yates Shihan

  4. Tada Shihan

  5. Tada Shihan

  6. Doshu

  7. Waka Sense

  8. BAF in Hombu 2011

    With Waka(young)Sensei
  9. Bryn holiday, Shabata shihan and Peter Gillard 1980s

  10. Chiba Shihan 1966

  11. Dave Yates, Peter Gillard, Peter Goldsbury and Matthew holland at Tanabe

  12. Doshus visit to Cardiff in 2010

    Photo is of Shobukan and B.A.F Members with Doshu and Waka Sensei
  13. Early Shobukan

  14. Fujita Shihan, Kanetsuka Shihan and Cottier Shihan

    At B.A.F Summer school
  15. Harakuze Dojo, Sengawa

    Member of Shobukan Visiting our Friends in Japan
  16. Holland Shihan

    At B.A.F Summer School
  17. Kanai Shihan

  18. Ken cottier Shihan

    At B.A.F Summer School
  19. Kobayashi Shihan, Gillard Shihan

    At B.A.F Summer School
  20. Okumura Sensei

    Shobukan members with Okumura Sensei
  21. Okumura Sensei Shobukan visit

    Shobukan members training with Okumura Sensei
  22. Sugawawa Shihan

    Sugawawa Shihan with Gillard Shihan at B.A.F Summer school
  23. Tamura Shihan

  24. Yamashima Sensei

  25. Yuichi San, Hikaru San visiting Shobukan.

    at the Sully dojo

We hope you enjoy looking through our gallery and invite you to join us at any of our three dojos.

During our practice, mixed levels of ability train together and learn from each other.