Chief Instructor:

Peter Gillard: Shidoin

Sensei GillardPeter Started Aikido in 1966 at the Cardiff School of Budo. When this closed the Cardiff Aikikai was formed with Colin Pike as its head instructor. Cardiff Aikikai joined the Aikikai of Great Britain under the direction of Chiba Shihan.

In About 1969 Cardiff Aikikai separated from Chiba Shihan and after a period within the organisation of Ken WIlliams Sensei went on its own under the direction of Mr Pike.

After a few years, along with a group of other yudansha, Peter left the Cardiff Aikikai and rejoined the now renamed British Aikido Federation. Following this in 1980 Cardiff Shobukan was founded.

In 1998 Peter paid his first visit to Hombu Dojo in Tokyo and has since returned several times. Peter has a close relationship with many senior instructors in both Europe and Japan.

His main aim is to open the door to fellow students and share the practice of Aikido given to us by O'Sensei.


Russell Milton

Ron Watts

Allan Hagan

Gudrun Reick

Assistant Instructors:

Brian Court

Julian Stewart

Adrain Jenkins

All dan grades are registered with Aikikai hombu dojo, Tokyo, Japan and are members of the International Aikido Federation. All instructors have BAB coaching qualifications.

Gone Ahead

The following instructors have passed on but remain in our memories.

Jim Rankmore

Clive Simms

Spiro Gaucci