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News: A Message from Chiba Sensei
I hope we can take into account Sensei's words, and by trying each day to understand that love in Aikido, the universal love! Sensei's spirit will live in each generation to come! "MAY HIS SPIRIT SLEEP IN THAT LOVE!":

P. Gillard Sensei .

Sensei Gillard with Doshu

Introductory Offer: 4 sessions for £15.00

This includes £5 insurance cover. These sessions are on a Tuesday 8pm - 10pm at Plasnewydd Centre and the offer is valid for 4 consecutive weeks.

Cardiff Shobukan

The Shobukan is home to Chief Instructor Peter Gillard (Shindoin, 6th dan), chairman of the British Aikido Federation, who has practiced Aikido for 45 years under the personal direction of Japanese Aikido Masters.

All Grades awarded are recorded with the Hombu Dojo, Aikikai World Headquarters, Japan.

Cardiff Shobukan welcomes new members to share in its practice and experience of Aikido and welcomes all visitors to our Dojos.

Sensei Gillard with DoshuAbout Shobukan

Cardiff Shobukan was founded in 1980 in order to follow the Aikido left to us by O'Sensei through the teaching of the present Doshu and the Hombu Dojo.

Since its early days Kanetsuka Shihan has been a frequent visitor of ours and along with naming the dojo he has guided our practice over the years.

Cardiff Shobukan has had the privilege of hosting courses with many other senior Aikido Instructors:

Visiting instructors give Aikido Students in Cardiff and South Wales a wide experience of the practice of Aikido.

In recent years Shobukan members of all grades have travelled to Japan to train at Hombu Dojo in Tokyo attending the Doshus classes and those of other Hombu instructors. Besides experiencing Aikido at its highest level they have made lasting friendships with fellow students of Aikido in Japan.

British Aikido Federation logoShobukan is a member of the British Aikido Federation.
Affiliated with Hombu Dojo (World Aikikai Headquarters), Japan.

Aikido in Cardiff and South Wales:
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